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Services We Provide As An Emergency Roofer.

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There is nothing worse than a roof failure during a severe storm.  In the Chicago area, we provide roof repairs when needed. An undetected problem can go from bad to worse when a failure on the roof causes a torrent of water to enter a structure. While Empire Renovation offers full maintenance and renovation services, sometimes an emergency roofer is needed and we always strive to service all of our clients’ needs.
The main goal in an emergency roof repair is to preserve the underlying roof membrane and structure with a non-destructive repair technique.We also respond as an emergency roofer for storm damage in the Chicago Illinois area. At the first safe opportunity, we will make repairs to storm damaged sections of a roof in anticipation of a permanent fix. If any of a roof’s waterproof membranes have been punctured or pierced, we work to put a temporary replacement in place or at least secure durable plastic tarps. We also add ballast if the membrane is still intact.
Our emergency roofer services are also extremely useful in case a new addition of equipment to the roof, such as a satellite dish or antenna, causes damage to the roof surface. Not every instance of roof damage has to occur from a severe storm.These measures are all designed to be temporary. They allow us at Empire Renovation to fully assess the damage and arrange to have permanent repairs completed. We work with every client to choose the best repair, renovation, or replacement options.

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