To provide easy to understand, highly effective information for owners of hail-damaged homes, and to repair their homes in the most convenient, worry-free, and economically beneficial manner.

Hundreds of happy customers entrusted us with filing their insurance claims and repairing their homes correctly.

Empire Renovation offers professional roofing service and high quality building materials so you don’t have to worry about being safe, comfortable, and protecting your home’s sales price. This comes from careful planning that means our work is done in a timely manner and small problems are identified before they become bigger ones.Empire Renovation is a renovation, roofing, hail and wind damage restoration contractor, working with all major Chicagoland insurance companies to perform our services with minimal cost to you.

Why choose Empire Renovation?


We perform free inspections.

If you have any concern that your house has experienced hail or wind damage, contact us for a free inspection.


File a Claim.

Empire Renovation will represent you, working step by step with your insurance company through the whole process of your roof restoration, without any headaches or unnecessary time and money spent on your behalf.


Get it Done.

We will repair your house at the cost of your insurer.

We provide service: